The Competition Commission decided to approve the joint control of MEVGAL by DELTA and the Hatzakos Family, effectively ratifying the conclusion of the agreement between the parties.

The joint control takes effect immediately, while the relevant decision determines the framework of operation for the two companies, setting the conditions for a sustainable and efficient agreement between the parties.

The current shareholder structure of MEVGAL, namely DELTA 43.18% – Hatzakos Family 43.18%, arose following a share capital increase (1/6/16), while MEVGAL has successfully restructured its loans. In light of the above, the experience of Mrs Mary Hatzakou, who continues the tradition of the family that founded MEVGAL, and the further cooperation with DELTA are guarantees for the future growth of MEVGAL in Greece and abroad.

DELTA and the Hatzakos family thus establish a closer cooperation of the two companies, looking forward to a new perspective that will emerge from their synergies and proving in practice their trust in the Greek economy through major investments.