MILKO always supporting Giannis Antetokounmpo, continues to back his every step. On the occasion of the All Star Game, where the top player of the Milwaukee Bucks was in the basic roster of the East, Eurohoops ( created a series of videos featuring Giannis who, holding a bottle of MILKO, talks about his life, basketball and Greece, where he was born and raised.

In these videos, Giannis tells his story and guides us to the secrets of his team, the Milwaukee Bucks, where he spends countless hours every day in recent years. There he reveals that after each training he enjoys a MILKO, because MILKO gives his body energy, as it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, combined in the most delicious way.

Life is testing our limits, says Giannis, until we can prove that our will to achieve our goals is above all and nothing can stand in the way of making them happen. Giannis, together with MILKO, once again inspires children and young people in Greece to believe in themselves, as he did, and follow their dream with their head up.