The communication campaigns of DELTA’s MILKO were awarded with eight major distinctions at the Ermis Awards 2016, in multiple categories.

Through unique inspirational ideas that highlight the philosophy and DNA of MILKO, DELTA in collaboration with RASCAL, continues to create unique campaigns and experiences that add value to its consumers, as evidenced by the multiple awards at the Ermis Awards, which are the leading event of the advertising and communication industry in our country.

Specifically, the “Big Hoops” campaign was created in the context of MILKO’s communication strategy in collaboration with Giannis Antetokounmpo. It is an interactive video game, unique for Greek standards, which won a total of 2 Ermis awards, a SILVER Ermis award in the CRAFT & FUNCTION category and a BRONZE Ermis award in the WEBSITES category.

Furthermore, there were many awards for the MILKO Strawberry campaign too, both in the digital and in the ad category, as it presented in a very humorous and inspired way the great love of MILKO for the fresh strawberry. This campaign won a total of 3 SLIVER Ermis awards in the categories Webisodes, Outdoor Panels and Advertisements.

On the occasion of the 30 years of MILKO in the Greek market, two more BRONZE Ermis awards were won by the campaigns “MILKO Then & Now” in the Social Media category and “MILKO Show 30 Years” in the Online Film category. The Facebook page of MILKO also won a SILVER Ermis award in the Social Media category.

DELTA through MILKO stands out in major events, such as the Ermis Awards, presenting innovative ideas and unique campaigns in order to constantly renew its relationship with the Greek young audience.