The new online application of Chrysi Zymi will provide you with an answer to the ever-present dilemma. Will the croissant taste a sweet victory or will salt win over sugar?

Chrysi Zymi created a delicious competition, where not only do users give the answer to the dilemma but also create their own favorite taste proposition. Chrysi Zymi Croissants give you the opportunity to fill them to your liking! For you, the ones that crave savory tastes and for you, the ones that feel weak without something sweet… the battle begins right now! Through a wide selection of delicious savory and sweet ingredients, the innumerable combinations that might come out will be an inspiration to all of us. Till April 24, the participants can take a stand and participate in a draw to win big prizes!

No matter what choice you make in this delicious dilemma, one thing is for certain: That Chrysi Zymi butter Croissants can “fill” any time of your day with taste and happiness. What remains is which one will win… savory or sweet croissant?

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