Nutritional Advisory Center (NAC)[one_half]

DELTA remains steadfast to upholding its principles of providing safe and healthy products and enhancing consumer satisfaction, which is why in 2001 it created the Nutritional Advisory Center (NAC). NAC is staffed by scientific personnel from the food sector, well trained on how to inform people and very knowledgeable in issues of nutrition and quality. Its aim is to establish two-way communication between consumers, the market and DELTA. As of 2008, it  is part of DELTA’s Quality Assurance.

The Nutritional Advisory Center can be contacted toll free at 800 11 99 800 (24 hour service) or by email at and is responsible for handling the following:

  • nutritional queries
  • promotions (competitions, offers, events, etc.)
  • market research
  • questions regarding DELTA products, the Company or the food industry
  • the Technology Brochure with useful information on DELTA and its production plants
  • DELTA site visits
  • kindergarten visits/educational programmes