Nutrition & Health

Vivartia’s philosophy in the food sector aims at the preservation of public health through the production of quality foods and at making the greatest possible contribution to improvement in the quality of life.

Following modern developments in the nutrition and health sector, scientific advances and using its technological expertise, Vivartia provides, without compromising taste and enjoyment, dynamic brands (DELTA, Barba Stathis, Chrisi Zimi, Goody’s, Everest, Flocafe and La Pasteria) which stand for high quality and nutritional value and make a substantial contribution to the quality of life of the hundreds of thousands of consumers who have placed their trust in them.

At the same time, Vivartia engages with sensitivity and responsibility on subjects relating to greater consumer awareness about its products as well as the need to educate consumers in making the best food choices.[/one_half][one_half_last]A balanced and healthy diet, with moderate consumption of all foods (there are no “good” or “bad” foods, only “good” or “bad” eating habits), combined with adequate physical activity and reliable information and education of consumers about foods and healthy nutritional habits constitute the framework for maintaining health and wellness.

It is in this spirit that the Group’s Companies, using a variety of ways and initiatives, inform consumers about their products and the contribution they make to a healthy diet, basing their relations with consumers on the principles of openness, transparency and respect.