nutrition & health

Nutrition & Health

The Food Services Division has created a Recommended Daily Amounts system (RDA) with the aim of providing information on what percentage of a healthy body’s daily needs are covered by a specific food. The information stems from scientific data and covers calories and other major nutrients in a meal. In this manner one can calculate daily intake so as to enjoy a balanced diet.

In order to calculate the Recommended Daily Amounts, the Division adopted:

  • The recommendations of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Nutrition.
  • The nutrient reference intake amounts proposed and published by the European Commission

[/one_half]In order to prepare all the nutritional information, the scientific team of the Division works together with the scientific personnel of the Agricultural – Food Technology Department of the University of Thessaloniki, the Department of Nutrition of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, the Department of Nutrition of the Charokopeio University of Athens and the Chemistry Department of the University of Athens. At the same time the Division, through the Goody’s chain, is a founding member of the European Platform “Action on Diet, Physical Exercise and Health” and the only member from Greece to participate in a voluntary program for improving lifestyle in Europe. The program aims at adopting principles and actions that foster a balanced diet with the goal of setting best practice standards to be followed throughout the European Union.