Respect for the environment


  • Incorporates environmental policies, programmes and practices in all of its business activities, “streamlining” the environment in the management of all operations.
  • During planning, development and use of its facilities, Vivartia bears in mind, first and foremost, the efficient use of energy and materials, minimizing negative impact on the environment and waste generation, as well as the safe disposal of industrial waste.
  • Trains and heightens awareness of its personnel of environmental issues. The following measures should be noted in particular:
  • Recycling of by-products; edible ones are provided to pig farms.
  • Collection and recycling of paper, batteries and other recyclable materials.
  • Installation of state-of-the-art filters on all silos.
  • Landscaping and improvement of the natural environment at facilities with extensive tree planting.[/one_half]
  • Exclusive use of natural gas -where infrastructure is available- for operations and activities. Where natural gas is not available, propane is used instead of petroleum, for almost zero emission of pollutants.
  • Finally, it is of particular importance to Vivartia how returned products are managed, so as to:
  • Protect the consumer from the use of expired products.
  • Prevent the exposure of returned products in waste disposal sites and pre-empt eventual resale attempts.
  • DELTA/VIVARTIA respects the environment and the consumer and acts in full compliance with European and national legislation. In this respect DELTA/VIVARTIA collects from the market its products which have expired or are about to expire and processes them into animal feed in its facilities in Lamia, following all safe production and packaging procedures and policies. In addition, the Sindos plant in Northern Greece has partnered with an independent company to convert such products into biogas.