baby and children products

DELTA Advance fresh, 1lt

The only fresh, Greek and properly enriched milk for young children. The mild heat treatment, pasteurization, allows the substantial maintenance of its natural nutritional richness.  From the 12th month.

DELTA Advance high pasteurized, 1lt

Having the same enrichment with DELTA Advance fresh, it has a longer shelf life, ensuring that our children will never miss DELTA Advance high nutritional value. From the 12th month.

DELTA Advance 80% less lactose, high pasteurized, 1lt

Also suitable for children who have difficulties in digesting lactose (milk’s carbohydrate) and are inevitably lead to the reduction or avoidance of milk consumption. From the 12th month

DELTA Advance 6-12 months, evaporated milk, 411g

Developed according to the strict specifications of the European Direction on infant milk. It is produced with 100% Greek milk and is suitably enriched for the growth needs of infants from the
6th month.



DELTA Advance powder milk 6-12months, 400g /900g

Specially studied and developed according to the strict specifications of the European Direction on infant milk and contains all the necessary nutritional element for the proper physical and mental development of infants. Thanks to its advanced formula, also contains: Active probiotics (Bifidobacterium lactis), Nucleotides, Polyunsaturated fatty acids: DHA & ARA, Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid).

psadvanceyog_groupDELTA Advance yogurt desserts

The first specially developed and properly enriched, for babies from the 6th month.

  • Apple-Banana 2x150g
  • Cereals 2x150g
  • Plain 2x150g
  • Farine Lacte 2x150g
  • Pear-Apricot 2x150g