Barba Stathis: History

1969. The company EBIE A. MICHAILIDIS S.A. is founded. After making a name for itself from trading in tobacco since 1886, the Michailidis family decides to branch out into frozen vegetables, in essence marking the birth of a new industry and establishing the Barba Stathis company.
1980: The two divisions of EBIE A. MICHAILIDIS S.A. become independent. Frozen vegetables remain under the name “EBIE A. MICHAILIDIS S.A.”  The frozen vegetable industry develops full force.
1990: On 20 October 1990, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders decided to establish Barba Stathis – General Foods S.A. with corporate headquarters in Thessaloniki.
1991: GENERAL FOODS S.A. – Barba Stathis is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. The capital raised allows the company to expand into new industries and to develop further.
1995-1999: General Foods S.A. consolidates its position on the frozen vegetables market while simultaneously developing the frozen meals market with a series of innovative products; at the same time it intensively develops the bakery products through its subsidiary “Alesis Viotechnia Artoskevasmaton S.A.”
1999: General Foods – Barba Stathis S.A. acquire a majority stake in MAKEDONIKI SFOLIATA.  In the following years, the frozen dough products division, with Chrisi Zimi as the leading brand, grow successfully and acquire a dominant position on the market.
2001: In partnership with HELLENIC CATERING of the GOODY’s Group, GREEN FOOD S.A. is established in order to produce fresh vegetables.
2002: The company increases its stake in ALESIS S.A. from 90.5% to 100%.
2006: Delta Holding merges with CHIPITA S.A. All subsidiaries are absorbed and VIVARTIA is created. General Foods – Barba Stathis S.A. becomes the Frozen Foods Division of Vivartia.
2007: Swap of a 49% stake in ALESIS S.A. (subsidiary of the Frozen Food Division) with a 49% stake in Μ. ARAMPATZIS–HELLENIC DOUGH S.A.
The company dynamically enters the tomato product industry.
2011: The company decides to close down its vegetable producing plant in Bulgaria and to invest in the upgrade of its existing plant in Sindos, Thessaloniki.
2012: Barba Stathis S.A. acquires a 78% stake in Greenfood (a company producing fresh salads).