Outstanding products that cover the nutritional needs of millions of consumers

Outstanding products for discerning consumers

Vivartia, one of the leading food companies in the Greek market, markets outstanding products that meet the nutritional needs and serve the eating habits of millions of consumers in Greece and internationally. It was founded in September 2006 after the absorption of DELTA, CHIPITA, GOODY’S (and FLOCAFE) and BARBA STATHIS. As of June 2012 and after the restructuring of the Group, Vivartia products in the divisions of Dairy and Drinks, Food Services and Entertainment and Frozen Foods are produced and marketed by the following companies:

  • DELTA FOOD S.A. produces and distributes dairy products such as milk and related yoghurt and fresh fruit juice products. Some of the best known brands of the Division are: DELTA Fresh Milk, Small Family Farms, DELTA Daily, DELTA Advance, Milko, Life, Complet, Natural, Vlachas, Vitaline.
  • GOODY’S S.Α. and EVEREST S.Α. produce and market food services products through a restaurant and cake shop-café chain, as well as through catering services. The main food services and entertainment chains of the Goody’s Group are Goody’s, Flocafe and Hellenic Catering which provide catering services. The main food services and entertainment chains of the Everest Group are Everest, La Pasteria, Papagalino patisseries, Olympus Plaza, the Kuzina restaurant, as well as Olympic Catering that operates in the sectors of in-flight and industrial catering.
  • BARBA STATHIS S.A. is active in the production and distribution of frozen foods such as vegetables and ready-to-eat meals and pastries. Under the brands “Barba Stathis” and “Chrisi Zymi” the Division’s frozen vegetables and foods have managed to gain the consumers’ trust, not only for their nutritional value but also because of their guaranteed quality.

Vivartia is a financially robust business with modern organization and structure and outstanding human resources; an outward looking company, intensely aware of developments. Vivartia has adopted a system of organisation that is able to deal both with the demands of its leading position in an ever changing competitive environment, as well as the continuous development and evolution of its human resources. This dynamic identity of Vivartia on a national and multinational level was further strengthened through the agreement with MIG which acquired a majority stake in Vivartia. MIG’s solid capital basis acts as a driver for Vivartia’s further growth and the implementation of its strategic goals. This new era provides the Group with the safeguards to retain its leading position in the Greek market and to expand its activities internationally.

Vivartia’s successful business course is based on a set of steadfast principles that govern the daily business practice of its people. These principles are fully reflected in the concept of Social Corporate Responsibility, a concept completely in sync with Vivartia’s growth; a concept that stems from the belief that businesses cannot grow without care for the people, the environment, as well as the social and economic life of the communities in which the Group has a presence.