Barba Stathis organic products

Barba Stathis has entered , since many years ago, in the field of organic frozen vegetables, developing the bio farmers by introducing the most modern practices for the organic cultures, in order to provide the consumers with organic products.

Barba- Stahis has therefore documented through the Bio frozen vegetables the Company Environmental sensitivity in a series of topics, including the following:

  1. The natural cultivation procedures in the field, reflecting to the increase of the biological activity of soil, the preservation and further development of soil fertility and the utilization of renewable physical sources
  2. The use of organic substances regarding plant fertility and protection
  3. The simultaneous sowing, sustainable growth and biodiversity
  4. The total recycling of the plant origin waste materials for the maintenance of the soil fertile level.
  5. The progress of the optimum utilization of the soil, the irrigation, air, with the sequential minimization of any possible contamination of the underground water horizon.