Environmental actions: Goody’s Everest group of companies

Our environmental actions aim to preserve the environment. Our starting point was ecological packaging and training consumers in recycling through special recycling bins already placed in central Everest branches. We have already replaced plastic bags with environmentally friendly paper ones. As the Everest chain operates approximately 120 branches, we consider that with this replacement we contribute significantly to minimising the use of plastic. At the same time we are studying the replacement of other types of packaging with environmentally friendly materials and shortly these will be available in our branches.

Waste Management

1. Participation in the GF Energy Collection programme (collection of cooking fats – oils)
GF ENERGY has started a new business activity whose mission is to collect used frying oil and process it for Biodiesel production in the central GF ENERGY plant, the most modern biodiesel production plant in Greece, in a legal, safe and ecologically correct manner.

The main reasons that made us participate in this programme are:

  • Used frying oil no longer enters the food chain, directly or indirectly.
  • Major problems caused by liquid waste in the sewage network are avoided.
  • Our participation in this programme contributes to a better quality of life for all and proves, in practice, our concern for food safety; it also helps protect the environment.


The following branches and restaurants participate in this programme since 2006: Everest, Olympic Catering, La Pasteria, Olympus Plaza και Kuzina.
2. Use of environmentally friendly detergents that comply with biodegradability criteria.

3. Management of the Olympic Catering liquid waste and systematic monitoring through chemical analyses.


We consider recycling a top priority: the entire workforce of the Everest Group voluntarily participates in recycling programmes aiming to save on basic materials that are used on a daily basis. The following materials are recycled in the corporate headquarters:

  • paper consumables
  • PCs
  • batteries
  • printer ink and toners


At the same time we have placed special recycling bins at our central branches in order to encourage and train consumers in recycling.

]Energy Efficiency – Natural Resources

Use of Natural Gas
Because we have adopted in practice the principle of cutting back on the use of traditional energy sources, in all our restaurants under the La Pasteria brand as well as in our central production facilities at Olympic Catering, we use natural gas.

Use of electronic communications

Everyday tons of paper are wasted. In order to save more valuable raw materials, we encourage electronic communication and have done away with printed forms of in-house and external communication.

Industrial Operations Division / Olympic Catering Production Plant

With its modern, highly organised production plant from an operational and administrative standpoint, Olympic Catering is the largest catering company in Greece.

These modern production facilities include:

  • Hot meal production facilities, 2,100 m²
  • Cold meal production facilities, 1,500 m²
  • Menu preparation facilities, 1,000 m²
  • Electromechanical support installations, 2,000 m²
  • Storage facilities, 6,200 m²
  • Washing rooms, 1,200 m²
  • Loading areas, 1,000 m²
  • Administration offices, 5,000 m²


Olympic Catering production is divided in two different operations: hot food and cold food production.

The daily production of ready meals corresponds to an average weight of 10,000 kg/day.

With total facilities occupying 20,000 m², 30 vehicles for aircraft loading and 18 vehicles for aircraft service and supply, Olympic Catering is able to dispatch its products fast and reliably to the last customer all over Greece.