Goody’s: history

The company holds a leading position in the Greek food services market and stands out among respective major players in the industry in Europe, producing and selling products either through the Goody’s restaurant chain and the Flocafé chain, as well as through catering services.
With the support of Hellenic Catering, its industrial arm, it operates and grows through 166 Goody’s restaurants (161 in Greece and 5 in Cyprus) and through 93 Flocafé (82 in Greece, of which15 on ships, 7 in Cyprus, 2 in Bulgaria, 1 in Hungary and 1 in Romania).

A journey through time
Until that time, those who set the ball rolling and were to become Goody’s founders were a world apart from a professional standpoint. However, they shared common traits such as honesty, belief in hard work, creativity, dedication to overall quality and proved themselves capable of keeping the team together during the rough time Goody’s faced at the beginning, as well as through its very successful course.

The starting point was in 1975.
Giannis Dionisiadis conceived the idea of its creation.
The initial founders’ team was made up of Nikos Pappas, Dimitris Parisis, Tasos Laskaridis, Fotis Korkovelos, Xenofon Dionysiadis, brothers Markos and Vaggelis Margaritis and Achilleas Folias.
Christos Folias was Goody’s godfather.
March 1975: The first two restaurants open in Thessaloniki (on Kouskoura Street and Tsimiski Street) with GOODY’S as their logo and the sign of the little man, for those who remember.
1976: The third Goody’s restaurant opens on the corner of Vas. Sofias and Pr. Nikolaou which has now been replaced by the restaurant on Vas. Sofias.
September 1977: a fourth restaurant opens on Aghiou Dimitriou Street, which was essentially the first franchise operation.
Goody’s is the first Greek business to use Franchising in order to develop its operation.
More franchise restaurants open on Aghia Sofia Square, Laoura, Martiou.
October 1981: the first restaurant opens in Athens, on Solonos street, and was an unprecedented success.
It was followed by another restaurant in Kallithea, in 1982, and by two more, on Fok. Negri street and in Pasalimani, in 1983. In 1984, the Peristeri restaurant opens which was followed by many more associates and restaurants who left their own mark in history.
1985: Goody’s acquires the company “FLOCA” in Athens, which was then developed into the Flocafé chain, known for its wide variety of coffee (more than 35 different kinds), as well as a multitude of snacks, sandwiches, pastries and ice cream.
Its hallmark is its warm, intimate ambiance and friendly service.
This was how, in January 1994, Goody’s second label started out with the store on Kifissias Ave.
Goody’s Group was formed progressively with the main shareholders in the Company acquiring stakes in other related companies in the same sector.
As of 1990, these stakes started to belong to GOODY’S S.A. and its affiliated company, HELLENIC CATERING S.A.
The Group’s consolidation was completed in 1992, at which time the company increased its share capital which was paid for by the contribution of almost the entirety of the shares in HELLENIC CATERING S.A. and in cash.
The subsidiaries remain independent entities, for mainly organisational and administrative reasons, whilst in essence constitute an integral part of the Group.
December 1994: Goody’s is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.
1995: Goody’s is recognised for achieving the highest per share return in the food industry.
1997: International expansion with the first restaurants in Cyprus and Bulgaria.
2001: DELTA HOLDING buys out Goody’s and incorporates it into the DELTA Group.
2004: “Hamburger Foodservice Preis” Award.
2005: Goody’s receives the Superbrands award as the strongest Greek brand. The award was given for Goody’s exceptional course and operation since its foundation, for the innovation of its products and food services systems and its leading position in the Greek market.
As of September 2006, Goody’s belongs to the Vivartia conglomerate, whose dynamic course provides all the guarantees and prospects to start afresh on a new long term successful course in the broader area of food services.
From 2006 until today, Goody’s ranks first in all awareness indices of the Awareness & Social Behaviour Index ASBI, for its social contribution. 2011: Goody’ s and Everest, two dynamic groups in the field of food services merge from an operational standpoint in order to rationalise operations and increase effectiveness, thus further reinforcing their leading position in the market of food services and entertainment. In this context, Thanasis Papanikolaou assumes the position of CEO of this consolidated food services giant,/company whilst Lavrentios Freris assumes the position of Vice-president of Everest
The values which Goody’s cultivated from its inception (quality-consistency-emotion) have gained the trust of consumers.
On a daily basis, Goody’s offers 160,000 consumers tasty, healthy and safe food and together with the great work of company Executives, as well as all associates at the restaurants, Goody’s has established itself as the uncontested leader of fast food restaurants.
Today, Goody’s is one of the most widely recognised and one of the most popular brands in Greece.