Our people are our strength

VIVARTIA relies on its 6,500 employees and its growth depends on them. Its know-how, innovation and steadfast course are the result of its people’s skills, their pride in their work and their dedication to the company. The average length of time that our people remain with the companies of the Group is proof of their loyalty and love, as well as the effort that the Group makes in this direction. Our main concern is to strengthen both the skills as well as the will of our people. With the words “I CAN” and “I WANT TO” in the forefront of everyone’s mind, we focus on employees’ learning, advancing and motivation. In this direction, we deploy the following actions, which we continuously try to improve and enrich:

  • Attract, select and employ people with the required skills through transparent procedures.
  • Develop employees through a Target Setting and Performance Evaluation System across the Group which, in the case of managers, is supplemented with a “360 feedback” evaluation process. The goal of the system is the achievement of the company’s targets, to assess people based on merit, to enhance their skills and bring about their advancement.
  • Training by in-house coaches, who transfer their know-how and experience, as well as by external trainers on customised subject matters depending on the needs of each trainee according to his/her job and range of responsibilities, in order to allow him/her to progress and grow.
  • Encourage and support participation in interdepartmental groups, aiming at increasing experience and promoting a spirit of team work and collaboration.
  • Recognition and remuneration of employees, despite the difficult conditions in the economic environment. We try to meet the needs of our employees through a competitive benefits system adapted to the specific needs of each company in the Group. Social benefits provided by our company include supplementary medical care, free personnel transport, free products, a blood bank, discount on MIG Group products and services, etc.
  • Open communication with all management levels, through specific channels and communication tools, based on an “open door” policy, interdepartmental projects and on-going effort to upgrade our communication methods.
  • Transparent and flexible operating structures and procedures that ensure corporate governance and are redesigned frequently with the purpose of improving critical performance indicators, such as cost, quality, service and speed.
  • Safe work environment (safety at work, safety of installations, assets,data in combination with privacy and personal data protection) proven by a number of certifications.
  • By acknowledging that we live in difficult times and being attentive to our employees’ needs we continuously strive to improve ourselves in all of the above areas