Vivartia boasts a long history and rich heritage

It was established in September 2006 and presently operates in the Dairy and Drinks sector through DELTA FOODS. S.A., the Food Services and Entertainment sector through GOODY’S S.A. and EVEREST S.A. and the Frozen Foods sector through BARBA STATHIS S.A.

1952: Aristides Daskalopoulos establishes DELTA, a family business producing and selling dairy products in Athens. The company employs 20 people and distributes milk and yoghurt through its fleet of 10 vehicles. Since then, DELTA has continued growing in a steadfast and sustained manner, and today DELTA products dominate the dairy products market.
1965: DELTA relocates to its present premises in Tavros and installs a milk pasteurisation and plastic bottling unit, one of the largest investments in its time, whilst four years later, in 1969, the first frozen fruit and vegetable production line is created in Greece under the name EVIE MICHAILIDES S.A. (Barba Stathis).
1987: DELTA takes the lead by adopting the carton packaging for Fresh Milk and is the first to introduce milk homogenisation in Greece, whilst two years later (1989) DELTA makes a dynamic entry into the short life juice market.
1990: The frozen food sector becomes independent with the establishment of Barba Stathis S.A. A year later (1991) Barba Stathis S.A. is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. At the same time, the Goody’s Group is born and gradually takes shape with several main shareholders in the company acquiring stakes in related companies; a landmark year in Goody’s course, also because of the advent of multinational competition.
1994: DELTA S.A. acquires the majority of the share capital in Barba Stathis S.A. and inaugurates the new, fully automated yoghurt factory in Aghios Stefanos, whilst Goody’s is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. At the same time, the first cake shop-café of the Flocafe chain is inaugurated -Goody’s second label- known for its large variety with 27 different kinds of coffee. A year later (1995) Barba Stathis S.A. merges with FROZA S.A. (a DELTA S.A. subsidiary), with the latter being absorbed by the former.
1997: Goody’s expands beyond Greek borders, operating its first restaurants in Cyprus and Bulgaria. At the end of the 1990s, General Foods – Barba Stathis S.A. buy a majority stake in MAKEDONIKI SFOLIATA.
: DELTA becomes a holding company, DELTA HOLDING S.A. The food and ice cream divisions become independent companies under the names DELTA PROTYPOS VIOMICHANIA GALAKTOS S.A. (DELTA DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A.) and DELTA VIOMICHANIA PAGOTOU S.A. (DELTA ICE CREAM INDUSTRY S.A.) respectively. In the same year, following the demise of DELTA’s Founder and President, Aristides Daskalopoulos, his son, Dimitris Daskalopoulos, succeeds him whilst DELTA Holding acquires Goody’s which becomes part of the DELTA Group. In the same year, in collaboration with HELLENIC CATERING of the GOODY’S group, GREENFOOD S.A. is established in order to produce fresh vegetables.
2002: In collaboration with the Federation of Associations/ Foundations “Mazi gia to Paidi” (“Together for the Child”), Goody’s launches the “ArGOODaki” program, a concrete expression of its affection and support for “children in need”. In the same year, Goody’s wins the “Hamburger Foodservice Preis” award as a result of its recognition in Europe. This is the most important distinction in Europe in the restaurant chain sector. The award was presented for Goody’s exceptional course and operation since its foundation, for the innovation of its products and food services systems and its leading position in the Greek market.
2005: Goody’s is recognised as the strongest Greek brand in the “superbrands” awards. It is one of the most recognisable brands in Greece and one of the first Greek companies to go international.
2006: Vivartia is established through merger by absorption of the companies DELTA DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A., CHIPITA INTERNATIONAL, GOODY’S and GENERAL FOODS S.A.
: July 2007: MARFIN INVESTMENT GROUP S.A. acquires a 34% stake in VIVARTIA S.A. eventually reaching 86% in December 2011. Today, MIG holds more than 91% of VIVARTIA.
Acquisition of the Cypriot dairy industry CHRISTIS DAIRIES PUBLIC LTD.
of the Bulgarian dairy industry UNITED MILK COMPANY AD.
of a 49% stake in Vivartia’s frozen food subsidiary ALESIS S.A. with a 49% stake in Μ. ARAMPATZIS–HELLENIC DOUGH S.A.
: Strategic partnership with entrepreneur Mr. Freris, jointly establishing ALKMINI CATERING S.Α. (VIVARTIA S.A. holds a 51% stake).
Acquisition by ALKMINI CATERING S.A. of 100% of EVEREST S.A. and 75% of OLYMPIC CATERING S.A.
2009: Acquisition of 49% of EVEREST S.A. by Mr. Freris.
2010: VIVARTIA S.A. operations split through the contribution of Divisions to different subsidiaries: Dairy & Drinks is transferred to DELTA FOODS S.A., Food Services & Entertainment to GOODY’S S.A., Frozen Foods to BARBA STATHIS S.Α. and Bakery & Confectionary to CHIPITA S.A.
Sale of the CHIPITA Group (Bakery and confectionary).
Acquisition of a 14.8% stake in MEVGAL and signature of a preliminary agreement for the acquisition of an additional 43% stake in MEVGAL by DELTA FOODS S.A.