The Food Services Group of Vivartia, the largest Greek catering group, continues the implementation of the strategic plan for continuous development and strengthening of its brands, focusing on purchases of tourist interest, while focusing on the conclusion of strategic partnerships within and outside Greece. The Group proceeded during 2017 in creating and renovating 59 stores throughout the country, 48 of which are located in areas with increased tourist traffic and within markets that are directly related to tourism, such as airports, shopping malls, ships and Car Service Stations.

More specifically, in 2017 the network expansion in key locations has been continued, by the opening of the store “Flocafe Espresso Room” in the iconic Tower of Kifissia and in islands with increased tourist traffic, such as the new “Goody’s Burger House” in Mykonos or the new “Everest” in Zakynthos. The Food Services Group of Vivartia has strengthened its presence along the entire road network of the country, creating stores in 4 new Car Service Stations (CSS) in December 2017, while the completion of extra points in other 4 MSS is expected to have been concluded by the end of the 1st quarter of 2018. With the completion of the new “spots”, the Group gets a total presence in 26 Car Service Stations, with 14 «Olympus Plaza/Everest» stores and 12 Goody’s “Burger House/Flocafe Espresso Room” stores, covering practically the greatest part of the Central roadway of the country.

An important operational priority for the Group is the creation of strategic partnerships and the surplus value resulting from them. In 2017, the  Food Services Group of Vivartia proceeded to the expansion of the existing partnerships (SSP) and, at the same time, the conclusion of new ones with strategic partners (Fraport, AUTOGRILL) with great experience and expertise worldwide, creating additional opportunities for penetrating into even more foreign markets. In the context of these partnerships, the Group contributes to the upgrading and modernization of airports with new dynamic and innovative concepts, such as “Megusto”, the “Juice Box and Vintage Food Trucks. In particular, at the airport of Heraklion, in Crete,  the group will reinforce its presence, with the logos of  “Goody’s Burger House” and “Megusto”, as well as with the new “It’s all Greek” and “Street Food”.

These strategic partnerships are also concluded in the great shopping malls, such as the Smart Park, in which the Group is represented by theFlocafe Espresso Room” and in McArthur Glen, by the restaurant “La Pasteria”, while in the beginning of 2018 the new concept “It’s all Greek” is expected to be launched. Part of Vivartia’s strategy is exploring new fields and penetrating into new markets. A recent example is the agreement concluded with FORKY, the well-known ready-to-eat distribution brand that is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2018.

At the same time, the Group continues to enforce its strategic plan by empowering extroversion, having today a representation in 11 countries. In this context, in 2017 the Group moved on to new agreements with strategic partners in Great Britain, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Malta, expanding its already significant presence on the world map with the “Goody’s Burger House” and  the “Flocafe Espresso Room”.

Mr. Andreas Tsoukalis, the Deputy Ceo of Vivartia’s Food Services Group, said: “Despite the difficulties, the Group has decided not to adopt the contraction and introversion as strategic choices. By strongly believing in the business potential of the country, we shall continue to invest in Greece by choosing focal points of strategic importance. The emphasis and the Group’s focused targets in tourist areas arise from the belief that the market of Food Services along with the tourism industry may be an important source of income for the country but also an engine for growth and prosperity. ”

The Food Services Group of Vivartia, is the largest one in Greece, which operates and develops the already dynamic sector of food services and entertainment. Among the brands that features, 7 of the most successful ones in catering are included. The Group operates 3 modern production units, while serving more than 300,000 customers daily in more than 500 outlets, offering separate products and value-added services, covering all the needs of the consumer.