DELTA, with great pleasure and dedication, has created and presented the new range of DELTA’s traditional Greek cheeses.

Authentic flavors produced by its own Cheese factory in Elassona, Thessaly, an area known for its traditional cheese products and the excellent quality of Feta cheese and Kasseri cheese. In the dairy house, the local cheese makers work with artistry on authentic recipes with 100% Greek fresh milk, giving an incomparable taste to DELTA’s cheeses.

DELTA’s Feta Cheese has been recognized as a high-quality product, having received the distinction of the Crystal Award, from the International taste and Quality Institute (iTQi, International Taste & Quality Institute),  after its continuous distinction for three consecutive years with 3 Golden Stars, while at the same time, Delta’s Kasseri cheese has received distinctions for two years respectively. The tasty Cottage Cheese (Anthoturo) that is guaranteed to win the consumer’s preference also belongs to DELTA’s new range of cheeses, which additionally includes Kefalograviera cheese and Graviera cheese with pithy and rich flavor, as well as the traditional Kefalotyri Cheese.

The new range of cheeses comes with a unique artistic design, inspired by our folk tradition that stands out at the point of sale, highlighting the authenticity and the traditional taste of DELTA’s cheeses. Look for DELTA’s cheeses on the cheese counters in supermarkets and in the refrigerators of packaged cheeses.

From Delta to your table, taste of tradition, with the quality of DELTA.