DELTA implements the «GAIA ACTION PLAN» since 2012, in cooperation with the Agricultural University of Athens and other educational and research institutions, in order to support the Greek livestock dairy production, through research, training and technical support, as well as the utilization of the Greek crops for animal feed production. In this context, DELTA carries out educational workshops, aimed at the education and training of farmers on good agricultural and husbandry practices, increasing their understanding on the issue of animal welfare and the promotion of the contribution of the above in relation to the sustainability of cattle farming.

On Monday, November 27, the DELTA educational workshop was held with great success, in the municipality of Lagadas in Thessaloniki on «the sustainability of Farming and milk production units through the implementation of correct livestock practices».  The event, which has been announced by the Mayor of Lagadas, Mr. G. Karayannis emphasizing the importance of undertaking such initiatives in the region, was attended by a remarkable masse of producers from Thessaloniki and the surrounding prefectures, as well as representatives of the local veterinary and geotechnical services.

Among the speakers of the Workshop was the Professor of the University of Thessaly, in Greece,  Mr. Georgios Amiridis, who touched on important factors of the environment and the general management that ensures the well-being of the animals. In his speech, he emphatically stressed that improving the reproductive efficiency in the context of the dairy farming, which is inextricably linked to the well-being of the animals, is the cornerstone for a viable and sustainable livestock production and the improvement of the competitiveness of Greek milk.

Mr. Evangelos Vergos, the head of the school of Professional Education of the American Agricultural School spoke about the importance of the experiential education and the development of the business initiative in the livestock sector, under the program of granting scholarships to educational programs, offered by DELTA to new stock-breeders. At the same time, within the framework of the Workshop, the new scholarship program of DELTA for 2018 was announced.