Everest innovates once again and upgrades their consumer experience by offering a new way of online ordering via www.everest.gr.

The new site provides the ability to easily and quickly order online via a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet, either by picking the order from the take-away store with priority or by delivering the order to the address of your choice!

The new site is designed to reduce the order waiting time & facilitate the customer service in a simple manner and without unnecessary movements. Therefore, the consumer can select, according to his needs at any given moment, amongst useful features such as:

  • Τake away “as Fast as Ever”: Pre-order and pick-up from the store of your choice. You can order before you go to the store, set the time you’ll be there and pick up your order from the special “As Fast As Ever” spot without waiting in the queue! You will soon be able to choose to pay by credit or debit card when ordering, so you will just pick up what you have ordered and leave!
  • Quick Order: Order easily and quickly with just one click! You can save your favorite products just as you want them so as not to reselect them every time you order.
  • Real-time tracking of the order, from the stage of its dispatch to the final delivery.
  • For smartphone users, the everest application will soon be available with all of the above functions. In addition, the application will suggest the nearest everest store in order to pick up your order.

The new online mode of ordering at everest marks a new era of service, upgraded experience and personalized communication. Everest customers will receive personalized SMS, newsletters & push notifications with everest news and offers that relate to their personal preferences and needs. Everest, focusing on the consumer, are constantly evolving and create proposals that improve the consumers’ experience and meet their ever-changing lifestyle.