DELTA, in the context of the actions that consistently implements to support and meet the nutritional needs of society, responded to the invitation of the YMCA of Thessaloniki and of the initiative “Together We Can” in Thessaloniki for the collection of food, in view of Easter.  DELTA and all its employees, consistently support with their actions our fellowmen in the area of Northern Greece. In the action held on Saturday, 8 April in the city centre of Thessaloniki, DELTA donated more than 35,000 servings of its products, which were delivered to the Social Structures of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Furthermore, the company offered 36 crates of VLACHAS Evaporated Milk to Municipalities and Social Structures of the Northern Greece, at locations where the company’s plants operate and specifically in the Municipalities of Delta, Alexandria and Thessaloniki.

The wider context of actions for supporting the community also includes the Easter Action held by the company’s employees for yet another year. Through this, 185 long-lasting food and household good packages were collected for families supported by the Social Groceries of the Municipalities.

DELTA and its employees have been supporting for many years with their actions and social sensitivity our fellowmen, helping to meet the basic nutritional needs of society.