The MILKO 3×3 Tournament was successfully held last weekend, 8 and 9 of April, in Neapoli of Thessaloniki. The tournament brings colour to the lives of hundreds of children on weekends, offering them moments of joy and fun with many gifts and surprises! In the first three tournaments of this year’s event, in Haidari, Kalamata and Neapoli of Thessaloniki, more than 1,000 boys and girls participated.

As Basketball never stops, the next appointment is set for the weekend 29 and 30 of April in Ikaria and in Nea Kallikratia.

MILKO and Sports go hand in hand, because MILKO by DELTA gives the body energy, as it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, combined in the most delicious way.

The message of MILKO, “BELIEVE IT” [“PISTEPSETO”] is ideally represented by basketball and MILKO 3×3 Tournaments encourage young people to follow their dream with their head up. At the end of phase one of the tournament in June, there will be a draw for the lucky winners who will receive as prizes, tickets to the Acropolis Tournament, gift vouchers for sport goods, while some will get the chance to watch live the training of the National Basketball Team!

You can also register for your participation in the MILKO 3X3 online; click here

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