DELTA, a subsidiary of Vivartia, member of the MIG Group, received three SILVER awards as part of the Responsible Business Awards 2106. The company consistently implements programs and carries out actions to support the economy and to contribute to the sustainable social development.

More specifically, DELTA was distinguished for the GAEA Action Plan, which aims at the support of sustainable development and, in particular, at the support of the Greek dairy livestock farming with research, education and technical support actions, as well as at the exploitation of the Greek crops for feed production. The GAEA program is being implemented since 2012 on the initiative of DELTA, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens.

The second prize concerns the “Journey to Breakfast-Land” program from DELTA’s Nutritional Advisory Center, implemented by the company since 2011, which involves educational visits to nurseries and kindergartens by scientists from DELTA’s Nutritional Advisory Center in order to spread the word, among young children, about the nutritional value of a healthy and balanced breakfast.

The third prize is about the support offered by DELTA to society for the provision of nutritional needs, giving priority to children. Only during the last 1.5 years the company spent more than 1,550,000 free product portions in collaboration with leading organizations and institutions.

The Responsible Business Awards are intended to highlight the challenging work carried out by companies in the field of Corporate Responsibility during the past years by promoting models of collaboration and responsible entrepreneurship.