Everest invite you on a magical journey into the world of coffee, offering fine varieties of blends from different regions of the world. The characteristics of each region, such as climate, altitude and the harvesting method of the coffee beans give to each blend the flavor characteristics that make it stand out.

The journey continues with the Africa Wild Limited Edition. A new blend from the African continent, known as the “Mother of Coffee”, made exclusively for Everest, stands out for its intense and strong aroma while it awakens the senses with its vivid finish.

Everest stand out for their wide variety of options when it comes to enjoying coffee. The famous 100% Superior Arabica blend with sorted beans from rare varieties is a classic choice among coffee lovers, while the distinct Fine Brazilian Blend is a delicious blend of beans of a unique quality, cultivated in the highlands of Brazil, and has its own fanatic fans. Now, the new Africa Wild Limited Edition blend travels us to the African savannah with its unique taste.

Try it, only at Everest and only for a while!