DELTA Natural, consumers’ favorite yoghurt, is being drastically renewed and invites us to try its new and improved recipe and to be “carried away” by its new colorful and subversive packaging!

The new DELTA Natural is a creamy yoghurt produced from fine cow’s milk and yoghurt yeast. A pure yoghurt, which can accompany our every moment and also be a light and enjoyable break, since its creamy texture guarantees endless pleasure! Pureness and joy are uniquely combined in the renewed Delta Natural, which will become our new favorite choice!

Delta Natural comes in three types: plain, light with 2% fat and with 0% fat. Its new, unique and subversive appearance predisposes us for an incredible and really delicious creamy experience, no matter what type of fat we choose!

New creamy DELTA NATURAL yoghurt, so pure and delicious you wouldn’t believe it!