Goody’s Burger House present the new Extreme Cheese by continuing to impress the biggest burger fans with their Extreme offers! The new Extreme Cheese is here to uplift the taste and delight of the classic and beloved Cheeseburger and to offer an Extreme experience to those who dare!

The selection of Extreme Burgers is complemented with the new Extreme Cheese, the most beloved product of the consumers. Goody’s Burger House took care of that… by creating their favorite burger in a truly Extreme size. The new Extreme Cheese is also available in the Deluxe version with delicious country style potatoes for a… Deluxe delight!

Look for the new Extreme Cheese in the nearest Goody’s Burger House store, but also at home or at the office via the Delivery service by calling at 18365 & online at or via the new Goody’s app!