DELTA, the biggest Greek dairy production company in the country, received three important Distinctions in the “Perennial Brands, the favorites of all” symposium.

To be more specific, DELTA received the Silver Award honorary distinction for the 64 years of its continuous operations; at the same time, two of its most successful products were also distinguished: DELTA VLAHAS, the unique evaporated milk that is made in Greece, received the Platinum Award for its 100-year presence in the market, while a Bronze Award was given to MILKO, the favorite drink of youth, for its 31-year presence in the market.

Ms. Anna Kydonaki, Marketing Director of DELTA commented: “Those awards are dedicated to all the consumers than honor us with their preference every day. They are also dedicated to all the employees of DELTA who take special care so that our products can reach every corner of Greece every single day. DELTA “insists in Greek” provides work to Greek hands and brains and supports the Greek farmers and the economy of this land”.

DELTA, a subsidiary of Vivartia, a member of MIG, was founded in 1952 and makes its high quality products of rich nutritional value available to every corner of the country, even to the most remote location, giving the opportunity to each and every consumer to enjoy them every single day.

The symposium was organized by The Business Review finance magazine and took place from 15 to 17 April in Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.