DELTA “celebrates” milk and reminds us of at least 30 reasons why milk should be an integral part of our everyday diet. Given the World Milk Day, which is commemorated every year on June 1st, DELTA will give us a different reason why we should drink milk, by demonstrating the nutritional treasure of milk for 30 entire days. For a full month, DELTA will give to consumers 30 dairy products at a special price, in each and every place its products are sold.

At the same time, DELTA invites consumers to celebrate together with the company and share their own reason for drinking milk via the dedicated website which was exclusively made for this purpose. For each reason posted, DELTA will offer one liter of milk to children and families in need together with PROLEPSIS Institute.

Last but not least, whoever posts their own reason online, will automatically participate in a draw, so that 30 winners will win their own free milk for 30 days.

Thanks to the diversity of its valuable nutrients, such as calcium, proteins, vitamins, potassium and phosphorus, milk is important to our health and extremely beneficial to the majority of functions of the human organism.

Let’s all celebrate milk together…”to our heath”!