DELTA gives away fresh milk for free to 11.500 students of 66 schools and nursery schools by actively supporting the “Breakfast at School” initiative taken by the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion. The aim of the program is to deal with the phenomena of children’s poverty and nutritional insecurity of students and to support the need to feed vulnerable population groups, such as students.

DELTA, a subsidiary of Vivartia and a member of Marfin Investment Group (MIG),  implements a wide program of Social Responsibility in a consistent and long-term manner with respect to society, a solid foundation of which is the active contribution and support of society and people in need, focusing on children. In that context, DELTA actively supports the “Breakfast at School” program by fully covering the purchasing cost of the raw materials (milk and packaging), the production cost, as well as the distribution cost of fresh milk, using its own refrigerator trucks of its distribution network. Offering fresh DELTA milk to students covers the students of the schools participating in the program in their entirety, until the end of the school year.