For the very first time in the category of baby yoghurt, comes a unique combination of fruit & cereal, starring Orange.  Orange is a fruit with a strong antioxidant action because it is rich in vitamin C; together with apple, orange is combined in a very tasty way that gives you energy from the readily digestible carbohydrates they both contain. Wheat is a cereal with a unique and rich nutritional value, full of soluble fiber, which significantly supports a wide range of bodily functions.

The Advance product line consists of dairy products of high nutritional value, which are especially designed and properly enriched to cover the growth needs of small children, from 6 months old on. These products offer a big variety of tastes, such as:  5 cereal, apple-banana, apricot-pear, plain, farinne lactee & Peach-Apple-Wheat, now with a breakthrough taste of ORANGE-APPLE-WHEAT, all especially made for your adorable little ones!

DELTA innovates and provides alternative solutions to the contemporary Greek family, which opts for fresh products of high nutritional value “made in Greece”, to ensure the proper physical and mental growth of children.

ΔΕΛΤΑ Advance, the foundation of life