Mother, mom, mummy… A word so powerful yet so precious!!

Mother is one of a kind for everyone; she is the one that always stands by you, in each and every step all the way, in each and every effort… to support you, to take care of you, to LOVE you unconditionally! Priceless love!!

Just like every year, this year DELTA stands beside the Greek Mother once again, by offering to her and her family nothing but the very best in nutrition, milk, yoghurt, cheese, juice!!

On May 8, given the international Mother’s Day, DELTA and its baby and infant nutrition products DELTA ADVANCE and DELTA SMART will give away 3 amazing tastes of DELTA SMART milk cakes to mothers and children. In addition, DELTA ADVANCE milk will be provided at a discount price for an entire month.

For this special occasion, DELTA sends its wishes to all mothers, on their special day, through a video full of children’s drawings and wishes, via its Deltamoms channel on Youtube (, reminding to everyone why Mother’s Day is so very special!!

DELTA, a faithful ally to the Greek mothers, takes special care in children’s diet since the very first months of their life, by offering products of high nutritional value, whose creation is based on special studies, and are properly enriched.  In this way, all mothers can rest assured that they give to their children nothing but the very best for their right development of body and mind!



Happy Mother’s day to the most beautiful company of