Goody’s Burger House were distinguished in this year’s Franchise Business Awards by receiving the Social Responsibility award for the ArGOODaki social responsibility program, which unites thousands of consumers in a quest to offer and to provide active love to the children in need during the last 14 years.

Franchise Business Awards took place for the 8th consecutive year under the auspices of Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (HCCE). Franchise Business Awards aimed at the recognition of the chains, businessmen and executives of the field, by distinguishing the companies that keep on investing and remaining competitive in the markets of their activity.   The winner selection was made by the readers of Franchise Business magazine and the visitors of the website

The said distinction is really important because the ArGOODaki social program is the oldest yet most established means of contribution to society and active love for children. As stated by Kosmas Krokidas, Marketing Manager Goody’s “It’s an important distinction that fills us with joy and pride and gives us the strength to continue our effort to implement projects of actual, real contribution to children in need all over Greece. Since 2002 to this day, the ArGOODaki social contribution concept has actively helped more than 15.000 children, by having provided more than 4.000.000 euro to actions, with more than 6.000.000 ArGOODaki bears “living” in the Greek homes. Our objective is that Goody’s Burger House will keep on contributing to actions specially dedicated to children”.


The course of the project implemented by ArGOODaki to this day:

  • Equipment of the entire Intensive Care Unit for Children in the University Hospital of Patra (2002)
  • Equipment of the Multisensory treatment location of Senses in the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (ROD) of Thessaloniki (2003)
  • Building a Kindergarten dedicated to children with problematic background, of the Friends of Children Association in Metaxourgeio (2003)
  • Equipment of “Joy” Special Persons Center for children with severe mobility and cognitive problems (2004)
  • Equipment support of “Spastic Children Support Association of Northern Greece”, thanks to the purchase of a special vehicle designed for people with mobility disabilities (2004)
  • Creation of “House of Care” center for the psychological support of children and families dealing with considerable losses (2005)
  • Creation of a Prevention & Action Team, together with “Together with Children” Union of Organizations, for the diagnosis, prevention and support of children in select institutions of the Greek mainland (2006)
  • Refurbishment of 5 kindergartens of “Children’s Home” institution in Athens and Piraeus (2007)
  • Participation in building a home to host children with a problematic background in Moschato, together with “The Smile of the Child” organization (2008)
  • Equipment of four Daily Care units in “Marianna V. Vardinogianni – Elpida” Oncology Department (2009)
  • Building a school and equipment of the areas, where children diagnosed with cancer live together with their families, in the first Hostel of “Hope” Organization (2010)
  • Providing food for the nutrition of 1.000 poor children a day for 1 year together with “SOS Children’s Villages of Greece” and “Friends of Children” organizations, which are members of “Together for Children” association, “The Smile of the Child” and “Chatzikyriakeio Institution of Children’s Protection (2011)
  • Support of basic educational needs of the children of islands in the borders of Greece: Leipsoi, Telendo, Pserimo (2013) and Psara, Aghios Eustratios (2014)