Barba Stathis was honored with the Innovation Award for Chryssi Zymi (Golden Dough) and the new frozen croissants product line, which was launched recently. This special distinction was awarded to Barba Stathis in the ceremony organized by FING (Federation of Industries of Northern Greece) for the ‘GREEK VALUE of Northern Greece Awards 2015”.

Chryssi Zymi (Golden Dough), having innovation and creativity in mind as the main way of achieving development, was the first company in the Greek market to have launched frozen, ready-to-bake pies –both big and small-, which led to the creation of the entire ready-to-bake pastry product line.

Thanks to the research and development of new products, which fulfill the consumers’ needs for variety and new tastes and –at the same time- create new trends in the Greek market, Chryssi Zymi (Golden Dough) took one step ahead by launching the product line of packed, frozen, butter Croissants, which are ready-to-bake in the oven of your home directly from the freezer, based on an authentic French recipe, using the purest and most high quality ingredients.

Following the award, Mrs Agape Papadopoulou, Marketing Director of Barba Stathis, commented: “This distinction is a double honor to Chryssi Zymi (Golden Dough) and Barba Stathis. On one hand, it recognizes our dedication to innovation, which has been a guideline of our business activity for more than 45 years, while, on the other hand, it demonstrates our contribution to the financial life of Northern Greece, a region which is totally associated with our activities, so we are really proud of that. In Barba Stathis and Chryssi Zymi (Golden Dough), we insist on the values of quality and contributing to the consumer, by supporting the Greek business activity and innovation”.

Setting its eyes on the future, Chryssi Zymi (Golden Dough) has managed to establish its position as the leader of the market of frozen pastry, as well as in the hearts of consumers, thanks to its strong commitment to produce goods of high nutritional value and unique taste.