A few days before Christmas, a new La Pasteria branch was opened in the 2nd floor of Golden Hall. This was the perfect excuse for the absolute opening party “Italian Style”!

On Saturday, January 23, new and old friends of La Pasteria, as well as visitors of the big mall, lived a unique experience, full of Italian taste and happenings!

Since early noon, the DJ of La Pasteria was waiting for the first customers, to get them into the mood of the party, and a little later the favorites Maestri di Pasta made a fabulous appearance in the ground floor of the mall, animating the crowd with their unique way and inviting them to visit La Pasteria to celebrate the new branch together!

Everyone present had the chance to find out how the tools of the Italian cuisine can have a voice and become music in the hands of the most amazing guys, Maestri Di Pasta of La Pasteria!

The party was accompanied by the unique tastes of La Pasteria, giving customers and passers by, the chance to make a short tasty trip to Italy!

Explore the new La Pasteria branch in the 2nd floor of Golden Hall!